Our Mission


we dare to care


TFAO as a foundation, is geared towards strengthening the Filipinos overseas at the same time connecting with their families back home. Our programs mainly address the basic needs that are normally disregarded by our fellowmen, which are in fact the ones that are mainly important, and these inattention is quite understandably due to their personal intention to save money, to enable them to send more back home.

TFAO aims to aid, educate, support, organize and honor Filipinos overseas with the cooperation of their families back home.  Our programs are designed to impart inner change and transformation, and later be an instrument to guide our fellowmen to be healthier, more competent, more stable and well honored individuals, and whenever they’re ready; take part into social responsibility projects that convey care for those that are unprivileged.

Many faces, one faith.

We are a diverse group of believers – artists, social workers, public servants, business owners, parents  – united by our shared faith and vision.


The Filipino Achievers Organization

TFAO Foundation

Who We Are

  1. Aid

    Affordable Medical & Hospital Services

  2. Educate

    Scholarship Grants, Trainings, Certifications, & Family Involvement on Investments

  3. Support
    Job Seekers, Individuals, Organizations & Community Initiatives, Including Arts & Culture

  4. Honor
    Filipino Achievements, Recognition & Corporate Appreciations

  5. Give & Participate
    Social Responsibility Awareness & Participation