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TFAO does not support or promote any particular brands, but encourages investment opportunities that alleviates family income soureces. We welcome partners that share our objectives.

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will enable us to instill financial literacy not only to those working overseas, but with our best efforts to reaching out to their families as well. We believe that by involving families back home; they will come to understand the real value of each cent that their working family member sends home. Their cooperation would also bring their relationship tighter, rather than falling apart due to distance as our statistics also indicates. TFAO grants part of the investment cost, without any financing interest, as long as the family commits to handling and operating their business, with encouragement that if they succeed, one day “mommy or daddy can come home”. Our TFAO Manila offices handle the logistics and coordination with families to ensure they get the same financial literacy training to achieve best results of our objectives. Here, we instill in their hearts to take full responsibility as a family, because when time comes and the financing is returned to TFAO, they enable us to support another family.  This is a family adoption effort cycle that we want to strengthen.​