The Filipino Achievers Organization

Avail Services at:

Al Mazroui Medical Center

Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Services & Benefits

TFAO and its partners has terms and conditions that the members must observe to ensure benifts are utilized within the parameters of each agreement.

TFAO Foundation

Al Mazroui Medical Center

we believe in providing affordable medical and hospital services

  • One Gynecologist Consultation a year
  • One Mammogram Check per year (40 yrs old and above)
  • One Dental Consultation a year
  • One Internal Medicine Consultation
  • One Eye Check-up a year
  • One Dermatology Check-up and Consultation with Skin Analyzer a year
  • One Ophthalmology Consultation a year
  • One Specialist Consultation in six months
  • Medical Camp organized by TFAO members every quarter – Includes BP check and sugar testing.
  • 20% - discount on Laser Hair Removal Services
  • 20% - discount on Slimming Services
  • 25% - discount on Facial Services for minimum of 300AED
  • 5% - discount on Pharmacy Medicine
  • 10% - discount on Non-Pharmacy Items
  • 50AED – discount on Cryotherapy Treatment
  • 25% – discount on Non-covered outpatient services (Dental, Dermatology, Vision Test)
  • 25% Discount – Outpatient services for cash paying patients​
  • 50% Discount – Insurance covered patients