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Avail Services at:

Life Care Hospitals LLC. Musaffah & Baniyas Branch, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

  • One Mammogram Check-up a year.

  • Gynecologist Consultation a year.

  • One Dental Consultation a year.

  • One Cardiology Check-up and Consultation.

  • One Specialist Consultation in six months.

  • 25% - OPD Services for cash paying patients

  • 25% - Non- Covered OPD Services (Dental, Dermatology, Vision Tests)

  • 20% - PAP Smear Test

  • Medical Camp organized by TFAO members quarterly – Includes BP check, random blood sugar test, peak flow meter checks.

  • Invitation to attend regular Educational Programs on life-style diseases, mother and child awareness programs

  • Provide Support to TFAO sports events with Emergency Services – ambulance and nurses

TFAO and its partners has terms and conditions that the members must observe to ensure benifts are utilized within the parameters of each agreement.

Services & Benefits

Life Care Hospitals LLC.

we believe in providing affordable medical and hospital services

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